Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kraye + Poetics

Alienation Project Update
The Kraye + Poetics project is underway. This year, many talented artists from New Mexico and throughout the country have volunteered their time and skill to contribute to a discourse on the marginalization of people throughout societies across the world.  The concept of “Othering” is a powerful and complex concept, one that shapes our intellectual discussions across many fields of study.  It is also one of humanity’s most perplexing social processes, one that influences every aspect of our lives.  We are trying to promote an intellectual discourse that is both beautiful and capable of being remembered for its desire to engage tough social questions and inspire a sense of awareness that extends beyond the project itself.

This year, we have been inspired by two seemingly unrelated forces. The first is the plight of many displaced people throughout the world.  The suffering of Syrian refugees is one of many situations around the world where people have been forced away from their homes.  We at IBSG were moved by the following real time interactive website that captures the conditions Syrian refugees in Jordan must live under:  http://zaatari360.martinedstrom.com/

In the NY Times today, there is an article about Syrian Refugees who have taken on a performance of “King Lear,” a Shakespearean play that has much to say about displacement, property, and the things we inherit and lost from past generations.   http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/01/world/middleeast/behind-barbed-wire-shakespeare-inspires-a-cast-of-young-syrians.html?_r=0

Like this performance, we want to be able to find novel connections between ourselves and the feeling of being marginalized. We have also been fascinated by the movement designer toys and vinyl art.  These figurines serve as an ideal form to describe the freakish, strange, uncanny, and tragically marginalized.  Kidrobot, a worldwide producer of these figures has generously sponsored our event, providing the blank you have received at a significant discount.  We are honored to have them join our efforts on this project. For more information about vinyl toys, please visit www.kidrobot.com or www.vinylpulse.com.

Our mission will unfold in the following ways:

 Ø Our artists are currently at work shaping vinyl blanks provided by Kidrobot in whatever way they feel expresses the issue of Othering (also referred to as “Alterity”).  These art pieces will be auctioned off at a   silent auction hosted by IBSG on May 30th, 2014 at Kosmos Factory on 5th Art Space 1715 5th St. NW Albuquerque, NM 87102. Promotional details will follow.

 Ø  Many renowned poets have volunteered to express these issues in written, poetic form.  Upon request, several of these poets will also communicate with the artists to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

 Ø  Some of our finest photographers at UNM have volunteered to capture   the finished art pieces at our event.

 Ø  Scholars and thinkers from various communities are writing short essays and perspective pieces as part of their contributions. 

 Ø  Non-profits and service organizations dedicated to addressing the social consequences of marginalized peoples will also contribute thoughts about their work and about the project.

 Ø  All of these contributions will be compiled into a book that we will publish in the upcoming year.  This book will supplement our efforts to continue this dialogue and to support the program

 Ø  The proceeds of this project will go to A.R.T. for Refugees to support a wider campaign to make sure that art is used to express social displacement and to provide a vehicle for the alienated and marginalized to find empowerment.  http://www.artforrefugees.org/index.html
[Some wonderful examples of vinyl art that has been used for similar projects in the past are posted here.]

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kraye + Poetics

The Other: an arts/service project

We live many forms of alienation.  We are alienated by the daily grind, and we constantly resist being commodified creatures.  The forces of mass production take a toll on living a meaningful life.  We are also people that are marginalized, sometimes exiled from in political, social, and cultural ways.  The United Nations has noted that the impact of displacement has been more powerful than ever before.  War, famine, genocide, and corruption have made it difficult for people to enjoy basic human rights, forced to move from their homes and sanctuaries to places that further alienate these people.  We live in a world there “The Other” is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

IBSG’s Kraye Challenge and the Poetics Project invite you to participate in a brainstorming event that can help us create an artistic product and event that represents the challenges of “The Other.”  We will use this venture to provide financial assistance to people in exile, supporting organizations that are doing the hard work to serve refugees and other people alienated from their homes.  The managers of Kraye + Poetics will propose a couple of ideas, but hope that you will attend an event that will help us brainstorm this wonderful and very timely opportunity.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IBSG November General Assembly

Friday, November 8th, 4:30 p.m. ASM 2082

IBSG will be having its monthly meeting to discuss ongoing projects, plan our upcoming community service event, and share new opportunities. 

All members of the UNM community are invited to join us and learn more about the organization. 

For more information please e-mail: ibsg@unm.edu