Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We are an organization that takes its alumni group seriously. As alumni members, IBSG still encourages participation in our many programs, especially through our sister organization New Mexico Business Professionals Global. Although we are in our charter year, we expect to have students who will support IBSG throughout their long and successful careers. We believe in maintaining our relationships with students long after they leave UNM, and we look forward to what they will do to improve the global agenda as business leaders and professionals.
If you are a previous member of IBSG and are interested in reconnecting with IBSG, please visit our many program updates, consider donating to us, or consider becoming a member of NMBPG. We look forward to working with you as lifelong partners in global affairs.
For more information about staying involved through New Mexico Business Professionals Global, see this page.

Alumni Roster:

Felipe Acosta
Olga Arutyunova
Heba Atwa-Kramer
Alexandre Balay
Joaquin Berral
Roxanne Blair
Timothy Borror
Leilei Chen
Jennie Duong
Jennifer Evans
Yvonne Fung
Carrie Goldberger
Adam Grieper
Iric Guthrie
Patrick Hamm
Megan Hearting
Kristen Herbot
Jason Jones
Alexander Karpechenko
Dowan Kim
Carl Knoblauch
Lindsay Laine
Andres Lazo
Sunny Liu
Kevin Raisch
Ehben Reed
Lynzie Rowland
Sara Saba
Jennifer Schwartz
Diana Solis
Merve Yildirim