Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Leslie Boni

Dr. Leslie Boni is an associate professor of finance at the University of New Mexico. Her research has been published in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Journal of Financial Markets, the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, the Financial Analysts Journal, the Journal of Trading, and the Brookings Institute Papers on Financial Services. She has served as a visiting academic scholar at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, as a finance professor at the California State University Northridge, and as a lecturer at the University of Southern California. Dr. Boni holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Northwestern University and a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to returning to the University of New Mexico, Dr. Boni was the Managing Director of Quantitative Strategies and Performance Analytics for UNX, Inc., in Burbank, California. She has also worked for 15 years in the oil industry as chemical engineer, trader, and risk manager.

Hsuan-Chi Chen

Dr. Hsuan-Chi Chen is an associate professor of finance at the University of New Mexico. His research has been mainly published in finance journals such as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Corporate Finance, the Journal of Business, Finance, and Accounting, the Journal of Futures Markets, the Journal of Portfolio Management, the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, and Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.

He has served as a finance professor at Yuan Ze University (Taiwan) and Fu-Jen Catholic University (Taiwan). Dr. Chen holds a B.S. in mathematics from National Taiwan University, an MBA from Fu-Jen Catholic University, and a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Florida. Prior to joining the University of New Mexico, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Florida.

Manuel Montoya (faculty advisor, IBSG)

Manuel-Julian R. Montoya; BA Economics and English, UNM – Summa Cum Laude; MLitt. Philosophy, Oxford University – Distinction; M.A. Politics, NYU; PhD (2) – Foreign Relations and Comparative Literature – Woodruff Fellow Recipient, CRS Fellow.

Dr. Montoya is a professor of global structures at UNM’s Anderson School of Management, an interdisciplinary scholar of globalization and the factors that produce a global political economy. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar. He is the CEO of his own global consulting firm, In Medias Res Consulting, which has provided support to global NGOs and INGOs including the United Nations and UNESCO. A native from Mora, New Mexico, he has returned to UNM because of his interest in New Mexico as a global emerging economy. He has taught a broad array of coursework from global culture, and history of economic thought, to international management. His interdisciplinary training has positioned him to think critically about the circumstances that produce globalization and how nation-states interact with new global challenges.

Manuel is also an author, working particularly in the genre of short stories that have received national publication. His book entitled “Global Legibility: Understanding the Political Economy of the 21st Century” is pending publication. His research focuses on the interdisciplinary origins of global culture and its impact on economic and management issues. He is the faculty advisor of International Business Students Global, a group of elite business students whose emphasis is on issues that shape the global agenda through engaged, high-performance professional development.

Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas is ASM Alumni Endowed Professor and Associate Professor at the Anderson School of Management (ASM) in the University of New Mexico. He teaches courses in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Business/Management and Management in Mexico and Latin America at the Undergraduate, MBA and Executive MBA levels. He earned his PhD in Strategic Management (Major) and International Business (Minor) from Texas A&M University. He holds a BA (Cum Laude) in economics from Brigham Young University, where he also has served as a visiting lecturer at the Marriott School of Management. In addition he has taught strategy and international business courses at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has published articles on topics including Strategy, Entrepreneurship, International Business/Management, Ethics/Social Responsibility, Mexico and Latin America and Emerging Markets in Journal of International Business Studies, Management International Review, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Research, International Business Review, Journal of International Management, Journal of Managerial Issues, as well as other outlets. He has received the most Outstanding Researcher and Instructor Award from the Finance, International, Technology and Entrepreneurship Department at UNM. His dissertation, “Who Goes Abroad? International Diversification by Emerging Market Firms into Developed Markets”, was a Finalist for the Academy of International Business’ Best Dissertation Award in 2002. He has also published a variety of cases in textbooks, chapters in books and academic proceedings. He has made or will make peer-reviewed presentations at conferences held in a variety of countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, China, Italy and Austria. He directs Anderson’s study abroad program in Mexico. He is fluent in Spanish (and conversant in Portuguese) and previously worked as an internal consultant to American Express in Mexico City. While at ASM, he has consulted, through Thomas Consulting, for a variety of organizations including start-ups, non-profits and governmental agencies. The consulting projects have ranged from optimal modeling to economic development cluster analyses. In addition, he has provided executive training/consulting in both English and Spanish. He was named one of forty up-coming business professionals in New Mexico in 2006.

Dante D. Di Gregorio

Dante Di Gregorio is an Associate Professor at the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico, where he currently holds the Albert & Mary Jane Black Professorship in Economic Development. He earned a PhD in strategy at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland at College Park. Prior to working in academia, he served as an independent consultant and jointly founded an international business consulting firm. In this capacity, he provided market research, business intelligence, and consulting services to public and private entities, including government agencies from Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil, as well as Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Among other projects, Dante was the co-author of more than 50 market research reports published by the Canadian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, which have been disseminated to Canadian business people to assist them in entering the Mexican market.

Dante Di Gregorio’s research spans the broad areas of strategy, international management, and entrepreneurship, and he has published in journals including Management Science, Research Policy, Journal of International Business Studies, International Business Review, Journal of World Business and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Some of the topics he has addressed in published and ongoing research projects include the commercialization of university technologies, the competitive dynamics of entrepreneurial action, intangible resources residing in top management teams, country risk, offshore outsourcing, the internationalization of small- and medium-sized enterprises, and social & sustainable entrepreneurship. He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Business Venturing and the Journal of Management Studies.

Originally from Gallup, New Mexico, Dante is actively involved in efforts to promote economic development in New Mexico. These efforts include involvement in a project to assess the impact of a proposed water pipeline on the Navajo Nation, working with local companies and UNM spin-outs, consulting to the renewable energies program of Sandia National Laboratories, assessing the consequences of title insurance regulatory systems for the state government, and producing analyses of the international business activities of New Mexican companies. He currently serves as a consultant to the NM Small Business Development Center Gateway to Exporting program. He has also served as co-project director of two $200,000 grants from the US Department of Education to expand the Anderson School’s international business education programs, as well as project director of a $100,000 grant to expand student exchange programs with Canada and Mexico. He actively collaborates with several business organizations and entrepreneurs in the state and serves on the board of directors of KNME-TV and on the executive committee of UNM’s Latin American and Iberian Institute. He is also collaborating with UNM Community and Regional Planning program to create a youth entrepreneurship program in the South Valley. Dante has studied and worked in Mexico, Germany, and Austria, and has been involved in coordinating academic programs in or involving Mexico, Italy, Iraq and China.