Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Submit a Project Proposal

IBSG’s primary concern is to provide students with access to opportunities that will help them understand and become involved in issues that set the global agenda. As we grow and as circumstances in the world political economy change, so too will the various projects we will undertake.

We encourage student initiative, either by first supporting our existing programs, but also by sharing ideas that may help establish new opportunities for students. In this regard, we have a formal process whereby students can turn an idea into a formal project. Here are some useful guidelines regarding the submission of a project proposal:

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel: many students want to be known for creating a project so they can put that they were the “founders” of an idea. At IBSG, we believe that it is equally valuable, and far nobler to support initiatives that are already addressing your intellectual and professional concerns. Begin the process by first educating yourself on what programs and projects we offer. If you determine that your idea still has merit as its own project, then go ahead and write up a proposal.
  2. Your proposal: Should be no more than one page in length, summarizing what the program would look like, addressing the following points:
    • How this program produces an intellectual community that is either lacking or underdeveloped at UNM.
    • How this program produces professional development opportunities for students.
    • Whether this idea is globally-oriented and what its impact can be.

    Samples of proposals can be shared with IBSG members upon request from the Board Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair is responsible for assisting members in developing new ideas, and can provide examples of previous successful work.

  3. Submit your proposal. Once you feel that your idea has been properly articulated, submit your one page proposal to the Board Vice-Chair. That person will then coordinate with you to introduce the proposal to the General Assembly and to the Board for a vote to approve its establishment.