Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IBSG Calendar: Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

World Culture Program:

  • Congreso de las Acequias (November 17, 2012)
    • Experience a large gathering of mayordomos from across the state as well as others fully invested in the New Mexico acequias who meet once a year to discuss current issues, give an annual report, and vote on future resolutions.
  • Limpia (March 2013, exact date TBA)
    • Hands-on experience of maintaining an acequia; working with parciantes and mayordomos in order to learn more about life surrounding an acequia.
  • Exhibition of photos/ reading from relevant literature (TBA)
    • Demonstrate cultural, artistic, folkloric, and historic relevance of acequias through art and literature.

Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Project:

  • Workshop on Creative Labor (February 8, 2012)
    • This workshop will discuss the role of creative labor in business. Other topics that we will explore: exploitation vs. empowerment, sustainability, value of the process of work, and the role of culture and identity in labor.
  • Speaker Series/Roundtable (TBA)
    • This series will address issues directly related to the challenges that the selected entrepreneurs are facing. In addition, there will be an in depth discussion of how the selected topic (ex. Marketing, export distribution, etc.) relate to culture, creativity and identity.
  • Entrepreneur Presentation/Meet and Greet (TBA May 2013).
    • Cultural entrepreneurs will present their work, the progression they’ve made in conjunction with IBSG, future goals, community impact, etc. at the last general assembly meeting of the year.

The Kraye Challenge:

  • Tree Planting Memorial Ceremony (TBA)
    • The tree planting ceremony will occur in the spring. Friends and family of Professor Kraye are invited to the event. There will be a short memorial to Professor Kraye, the planting of the tree, and placing of a memorial plaque.

CoMTTRA Program:

  • Tucson Gem and Mineral Show: Educational Information Seminar ( February 14-17, 2013)
    • This show is now the largest gem and mineral show in the United States and the proceeds from the show are used to support the Tucson economy and to support mineral knowledge and appreciation. This show will further enhance our member’s knowledge about minerals and their worldwide status.
  • CoMTTRA Symposium and Photography Exhibit (TBA)
    • This will be CoMTTRA’s final presentation in which our research will be presented and there will be various different guest speakers who are heavily involved in the subject of conflict minerals. Additionally there will be a presentation of photographs exhibiting conflict minerals and their effect on various stakeholders.

IKEEP Program:

  • Emerging Economies- Session 1 (tentatively January 26th 10am-12pm)
    • Consider the methods we use to define an emerging economy. Also explore the major development NGOs.
  • Emerging Economies- Session 2 (tentatively February 23rd 10am-12pm)
    • A deeper look at economic indicators and other measurements in defining emerging economies and consider their effectiveness.
  • Emerging Economies- Session 3 (tentatively March 23rd 10am-12pm)
    • How to conduct a CAGE analysis.
  • Emerging Economies- Session 4 (tentatively April 27th 10am-12pm)
    • Outcome of CAGE analysis and how to refine your research.