Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ivan Karp Emerging Economies: Brazil

Program Description

Our purpose is to provide consulting services to a company(s) in Brazil and create business relationships that will help Anderson Students understand the needs of businesses in emerging economies. We will establish a consulting team to work directly with a company(s) in Brazil, in which the team will assess the company’s needs and provide an analysis and strategic plan for future operations. Upon return, the team will deliver a series of presentations, culminating in a final report that will summarize their findings and their suggestions for future relationships with businesses in the region. In time, our desire is to build robust relationships with businesses throughout the world, each in emerging economies, so that Anderson will have developed strong and lasting relationships, using real-world experiences to guide cutting edge scholarship on the economies of the future.

2015 Update 
This project is involved in creating, supporting, and managing a version of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market at the Olympic Games.  Conceived of and led by our student group International Business Students Global (IBSG), this project is currently separated into 5 phases delineated below:

Phase 1:  Trip to Rio de Janeiro between August 1-8, 2015 to determine interest in the folk art market concept from the Rio 2016 Committee and Mayor Eduardo Paes (completed). Phase 1 was completed this August, successfully culminating in interest for the market, with six students  in Rio.  A comprehensive proposal for a folk art market, including background research and stakeholder outreach strategies was produced. 

Phase 2:  Three day return to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to present specific details on a folk art market, negotiate roles from major stakeholders, and sign an MOU between Mayor, SEBRAE, the IFAA, and UNM Anderson School. (est. Jan 4-16, 2016)

Phase 3:  Four day trip to Rio to manage Olympic Folk Art Market (dependent on MOU, est. August 5-9, 2016)

Phase 4: 3 day trip to Tokyo, Japan or Seoul, Korea to present on Brazil Market, determine feasibility of successive Olympic Folk Art Market (TBD)

Phase 5: 3 day trip to Geneva, Swizterland to solicit long-term endorsement for Olympic Folk Art Market and Cultural Olympiad (TBD)


  • Cage Analysis
  • Consulting Report
  • Portuguese Workshop
  • Series of Presentations (summarizing findings and suggestions for future business relationships)
  • Final Report (summarizing all findings)