Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Mexico Business Professionals Global

About Us

New Mexico Business Professionals Global is intended to serve as a parallel institution to International Business Students Global (IBSG). It is comprised of global and international business professionals throughout the world. Not only do we serve as mentors for IBSG students, we are a network of business leaders who care both about shaping the global agenda while also appreciating the New Mexican economy and its role in global affairs.

Global Affairs Fellows

NMBPG has members who have an interest in serving as mentors to our finest students at UNM have the opportunity to work with them as Global Affairs Fellows. Through this program, business professionals may work directly with students on any of IBSG’s current programs.


NMBPG does not try to replicate other major professional associations. Instead, it serves as a hub for those networks that currently intervene in both global and New Mexican business interests in new and meaningful ways. Our opportunities for networking revolve around IBSG’s calendar, and provide us with special access to the faculty and staff at UNM and the Anderson School of Management.

How to Join

If you are interested in supporting our brightest students at UNM, please consider joining NMBPG. You may contact us at ibsg@unm.edu or directly through IBSG’s faculty advisor, and NMBPG’s Board Liaison, Dr. Manuel Montoya at mrmonto@unm.edu.