Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Officer Descriptions

IBSGs Board of Directors and Program/Project managers have many important duties. In order to create a long-lasting standard regarding the specific tasks and duties for all projects, we have outlined several of those tasks below or you can download the document: IBSG Officer Descriptions

Board Chair:

The Board Chair is responsible for promoting IBSG’s larger mission both internally and externally. As part of the leadership team, the Board Chair should perform the following tasks:

  1. Preside over IBSG’s general assemblies. The Board Chair should work with the Board Secretary to ensure that meetings are organized and effective.
  2. Serve as primary ambassador to major institutions. As IBSG grows, so too does its reach among major private and public institutions. The Board Chair is responsible for reaching out to these institutions to make long-term relationships that will produce opportunities for our students.
  3. Support all IBSG initiatives as career development opportunities. The Board Chair is unique because this position should be dedicated not only to building our network of students, but to find opportunities for employment, internships, and other professional development opportunities for those that are actively working within the IBSG structure. This includes coordinating with the Faculty Advisor in encouraging students to apply for particular fellowships, creating references, and making sure that students are being supported in making their service to IBSG a meaningful part of their career development.
  4. Must submit an executive summary of IBSG’s work in coordination with the Faculty Advisor for each annual report, due in May of each year.
  5. Will attend meetings where IBSG must be represented or appoint someone to represent IBSG at those meetings.


The Vice-Chair must fulfill the duties of the Board Chair when he or she cannot fulfill those duties. Additionally, the Vice-Chair will also perform the following tasks:

  1. Will coordinate with the Board Secretary in the receipt and nomination of Program/Project managers.
  2. Will serve as the primary point of contact for new project proposals. The Vice Chair will work with IBSG members in bringing new project proposals to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. This includes using the listserve to help members make sure each new project is administered and addressed successfully.
  3. Consequently, the Vice Chair’s annual report will consist of briefly introducing and reporting on the development of new programs. This is also due in May of each year.
  4. Is responsible for making sure that each program is consistently serving as an intellectual community first and foremost. When programs or projects are straying from that mission, the Vice-Chair must find a way to help PMs steer all activity to making sure that students are receiving a stimulating intellectual environment.


The Board Secretary should perform the following tasks:

  1. Should be the primary point of contact for new members and applicants. This includes organizing and managing incoming requests for membership and nomination for various positions.
  2. Will maintain an active database of the IBSG roster, noting in that database the following information:
    • name and major area of study
    • affiliation with IBSG programs, including whether or not each person has an officer position for that year
    • expected graduation date (month/year)
    • undergraduate/graduate
  3. Will administer the archive of all yearly databases for each year.
  4. Will coordinate with the Board of Directors and Faculty Advisor in constructing the Agenda for General Assemblies.
  5. Will keep a record of each General Assembly, including major motions passed in each meeting.
  6. Will produce a report in May, which includes the following:
    • number of IBSG students graduated
    • number of new members admitted that year
    • will transfer graduating students into our main alumni database.
  7. Will maintain IBSG’s calendar on our social media networks.


The Treasurer will perform the following duties:

  1. Administer and update the budget.
  2. Coordinate with PMs in creating budgets and standardizing that information.
  3. Represent IBSG at UNM regarding student funding requests, coordinating with PMs in their requests for funding.
  4. Record and monitor the inflow and outflow of funding for each year, including the receipt of grants and external financial support.
  5. Will send a formal thank you (501c3) letter when someone provides external support or in-kind services for tax purposes.
  6. Will produce an annual report in May which will summarize IBSG’s budget and budget activity (no more than 1 page)
  7. Will monitor and archive correspondence regarding funding issues of any kind for IBSG.
  8. Will monitor and document any online donations made on our website, through PayPal or otherwise. This will be done in coordination with NMBPG’s treasurer.

Board Liaison:

The Board Liaison is our chief ambassador. While the Board Chair attends to career development and institutional networking, the Liaison coordinates with other resources both inside and outside of UNM to ensure that projects and events are successful. More specifically:

  1. Will serve as organizer for black envelope recruitment each year.
  2. Will make presentations both inside and outside of UNM promoting IBSG, particularly to potential recruits, but also to professors and administrators to encourage institutional support for our organization.
  3. Will coordinate with ASM and UNMs public relations people, including the UNM and Anderson Foundation in promoting IBSG events.
  4. Will administer UNMs listserv in coordination with the Board Secretary.
  5. Will assist in producing and maintaining marketing and promotional materials for events.
  6. Will work with PMs in communicating with the Board of Directors to identify how to ensure that our mission is being consistently followed.
  7. Representing IBSG at events in coordination with the Board Chair and the Board.
  8. Working with the faculty advisor on producing our annual social event.
  9. Will maintain IBSG’s facebook, twitter and other social media accounts.