Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Accomplishments

Annual Accomplishments Academic Year 2011-2012

The AY 2011-2012 was a hallmark year for IBSG. Our students, both graduate and undergraduate, created six major programs and several related initiatives that have galvanized their presence as one of the nation’s most forward-thinking student organizations. Dedicated to issues that shape the global agenda, our students worked tirelessly to construct programs that provide students with world-class opportunities. Here are some things our group accomplished in 2012-2013.

The Consulting Consortium

Function: Training students to master case study interview methods; building a network of new consulting opportunities for our finest students.

  • Produced nearly 100 hours of consulting interview practice.
  • Produced a report for the Global Center of Cultural Entrepreneurship on leveraging tourism in the state of New Mexico. This work was presented to the State Department of Tourism and also to the Secretary of Economic Development in February of 2012.
  • Assisted one student in receiving a position with Deloitte consulting in Brazil and Spain.
  • Assisted several IBSG students in their job and scholarship applications. Two students credit their practice sessions for being successful in receiving job offers from several top firms in New Mexico and the US.

The Ivan Karp Emerging Economies Program (IKEEP)

Function: Giving students opportunities to engage in world-class international professional development; dedicated to the study of emerging economies with an emphasis on sustainability and ethical engagement.

  • Worked with the Wapixana and Macuxi tribes in the northern state of Roraima, Brazil to assist them in their cultural entrepreneurship efforts. Sent six students to visit Manaus and North Brazil to visit with stakeholders to develop an economic development report.
  • Consequently, IBSG is the official strategist for the Federation of Indigenous Brazilians in their efforts to represent themselves at the opening ceremonies for the World Cup in Manaus (2014) and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (2016).
  • Sent three students to Kenya in the summer of 2011 to conduct work with African consulting firm, Lan-X Africa. Worked with three companies in the region to develop their business models in central Nairobi. Each of these companies has improved dramatically since IBSG visited, and they credit IBSG with helping them improve their status in the Kenyan economy.
  • Produced reports on the relationship between the New Mexico economy and both the Kenyan and Brazilian economy.
  • Created an MOU with the Social Entrepreneur Corps (SEC), one of the world’s leading social entrepreneur programs. We are one of 17 global partners in social entrepreneurship through our new opportunities available in the SEC, providing opportunities for students in nearly 25 countries worldwide.

Conflict Minerals Resource Allocation Trade Theory (CoMTTRA)

Function: Dedicated to understanding the relationship between resource allocation and conflict throughout the world.

  • Developed an interdisciplinary curriculum for teaching conflict minerals.
  • Received recognition from DeBeers, Inc. and the World Diamond Council for its curriculum. Will work in 2012/2013 on workshops training people to develop Corporate Social Responsibility models in relation to conflict minerals.
  • Drafted a report that analyzed Uranium as a conflict mineral, incorporating the role that New Mexico has played in Uranium mining and enrichment.
  • Held a workshop on the institutional forces of conflict minerals, inviting professors from throughout the university, including Dr. Jamal Martin and Dr. Sarita Cargas.
  • Worked with other student organizations, the Daniels Fund, and Daniels Scholars to establish the Student Center for the Public Trust, the largest SCPT in the Western United States.
  • Represented the SCPT and CoMTTRA at the annual SCPT conference in Philadelphia.

The World Culture Program

Function: Dedicated to understanding the emergence of world culture in the 21st century; working to identify vital world heritage sites in New Mexico and beyond; building extensive knowledge about world culture, society, and politics.

  • Held a symposium to discuss the status of the acequias in New Mexico as a world heritage area site.
  • Produced a report that was read at the UNESCO’s 40th anniversary of the world heritage convention. Our report was recognized by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for its contribution to understanding world heritage.
  • Created an MOU with the New Mexico Acequia Association to promote the acequias as a world heritage site.
  • Worked with major scholars on water, culture, and heritage from UNM (and the Center for Regional Studies) and other institutions on understanding the significance of land-based culture on global sustainability.

The Poetics Project

Function: Linking Philosophy, Cultural Theory, and the Value of Handmade Goods in the Global Economy.

  • Became the official consultants to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market
  • Produced a 60 page study of the SFIFAM, including a market analysis, a curriculum review, and a philosophical inspection on the status of folk art in the world economy.
  • Five students participated in the market’s most successful year in its 10 year history.
  • Held a workshop on the status of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, studying the work of Benjamin and the implications of handmade art on the 21st century economy.

The Kraye Challenge

Function: Combining social entrepreneurship, cultural preservation, and global supply chain analysis with applied philanthropy.

  • Created a partnership with the Cooperative Development Center (CODECE) and UNM Net Impact to produce sustainable living standards and a guide for responsible consumption as part of an effort to reduce bottled water usage. The guide was added as a part of a package that included an aluminum water bottle, canvas bag, and local seedlings to promote sustainable living.
  • Visited High Peaks Deep Roots, a co-op in Truchas New Mexico (in cooperation with the World Culture Program) to see how culture and tourism are leveraged in small, Northern New Mexican communities.
  • Produced a strategic report for CODECE on how to sustain and improve cultural entrepreneurship efforts in New Mexico, with emphasis on the Truchas project and other related projects.

In addition to these programs, we also achieved the following:

  • Partnered with Rotary International to establish a Rotaract Chapter at UNM. IBSG and Rotaract are sister organizations that will work on local and international service projects jointly in the future. UNM Rotaract is now one of the fastest growing Rotaract chapters in the Western United States.