Monday, July 8, 2013

For Prospective Students

IBSG is a professional and intellectual community first and foremost. Too often, student organizations meet to organize events, but in the process, the intellectual depth related to those tasks is lost in translation. We want every member who participates in a given project to be challenged to learn a new set of skills, become well versed in an issue of global importance, and to learn how to engage those issues with intellectual rigor.

While IBSG does provide opportunities to travel abroad, we don’t believe that the travel is the end result of our work. Students who wish to join IBSG because it provides travel opportunities to other parts of the world should reconsider joining. We believe that being engaged in the world is more than being a glorified tourist. We take seriously the projects we engage in, and every time we leave UNM to engage the world elsewhere, we want those opportunities to represent the type of intellectual depth that makes us a world class organization.

For this reason, we have a value system that we’d like to share with anyone interested in IBSG. By becoming a member, you explicitly sign onto this value system.
  1. I believe in the value of creative and deep intellectual inspection. For this reason, I will do my best to ensure that I am involved in all IBSG activities with a sense of intellectual curiosity. I want to leave IBSG knowing that I can speak intelligently on issues of global importance, and working to make sure that my involvement improves the status of our discourse.
  2. I believe in being culturally intelligent. This means that I vow to respect other perspectives. The best way that I can honor others is to know as much as I can about the world and its dynamic evolution. I believe in being institutionally intelligent. This means that I not only care about issues at a personal level, but that I want to know how they work in the world-system. For this reason, my involvement in IBSG is about learning how agendas operate and how global issues manifest politically and economically as well as philosophically.
  3. I believe in serving others above serving myself. Too often, we do things in the hopes that they will serve our own interests first. I am a member of IBSG because many serious issues are at work in the world, and I am best served by working to understand them. In serving my intellectual work, I serve the world and myself.