Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project Managers: What They Do

  1. Must attend to most correspondence with project members. This includes organizing meetings, distributing essential information, and preparing documents for events and trips. PMs are the primary archive of information for each project that IBSG offers.
  2. Must coordinate with the Board of Directors and the Faculty Advisor. Keeping IBSG’s administrators apprised of key information is an important part of making sure that the entire community is able to promote and support events, both financially and socially. This includes making sure that information is consistently updated on IBSG’s website.
  3. Will construct a budget. Each October, PMs must create a preliminary budget using our standard budget form organized by the Board Treasurer. This budget will be used in funding requests, and is a vital component of our work.
  4. Will write an annual report. Each May, PMs are responsible for submitting an annual report no longer than 2 pages in length describing the events that took place that year.

While these responsibilities are great, PMs also enjoy the most exposure to our partners that we network with. Through their hard work, PMs gain important experience while often gaining access to business and community leaders. This is likely to lead to job opportunities, internships, and a service record that can be used for fellowships and other important career development opportunities.

The difference between PROGRAM and PROJECT managers:

Some projects will take a long time, and require both a program and project manager. For example, the IKEEP program has many larger administrative duties related to making sure that all travel experiences are publicized and organized under our mission to network among various stakeholders throughout the world. Project managers, however, may have more specific tasks, like managing a project undertaken in a particular region or country. Both are extremely important components of IBSG’s structure and both will have to coordinate among one another heavily.

A program manager has the responsibility of making sure that all projects under that program are working towards fulfilling our larger institutional agendas. This means that the program manager must organize information similar to a project manager but at a higher level. This includes producing an overall budget and an executive summary of all annual reports submitted.

How to apply to become a PM

In late August, the new Board of Directors will solicit applications for new PMs. Projects that are leftover from the last year may require that co-PMs are activated for a particular project. PMs may also be re-nominated if they are willing to undertake that next year’s duties. A PM can nominate oneself by sending an email to that year’s IBSG Board Secretary or Vice Chair.

If you wish to become a PM for a new project or program, or would like to assist in an existing project, please send a one paragraph self-nomination explaining your reasons for wanting that position to the Board Secretary and/or the Board Vice-Chair. Their information is posted on our website under the Board of Directors page.