Monday, July 8, 2013

Who We Are

International Business Students Global (IBSG) is a group of global and international professionals comprised of the highest caliber students at the University of New Mexico interested in questions of international management, corporate citizenship, and the global political economy. We are a not-for-profit organization who provides services purely for educational purposes, interested in generating world-class opportunities for our students.


Our mission is to serve local and global communities through intellectual and social contributions.


Our vision is for IBSG to be a well-connected and trusted problem solver for organizations that set the global agenda. 


  • Be socially and environmentally engaged
  • Be receptive and excited about change
  • Have structure and discipline: have a strong work ethic be goal oriented
  • Exhibit a commitment to service: place others before self and value their opinions
  • Emphasize critical thinking through accountability, curation, and peer sharing of knowledge
  • Be a team
  • Lead holistically; stay hungry
  • Be passionate - about the global agenda, about being a global citizens, about serving our communities
  • Value the world as a real space that has purpose  
  • Understand the weight behind the words us and them
  • Be culturally adaptive, culturally intelligent, and sensitive to the vulnerabilities of communities

Our Work

We serve organizations of varying sizes in the context of the global political economy. We assist entities who want to enhance their current activities by making meaning of problems and fostering solutions. By working in the shared space between philosophy and business, we create valuable and rare opportunities for both our partner organizations and our interdisciplinary students.

What is our Underlying Framework?

The outcome of the 21st century economy will depend on three major elements:
  1. Emerging economies in developing regions throughout the world
  2. Working with Small to Medium Size enterprises (SMEs) in the global economy
  3. Understanding the difference between global issues and international issues and how the difference changes our behavior, culturally, politically, and economically.   

Organization Objectives for UNM students

  •  Encourage global studies at all levels by producing tangible, real-world consulting services to the public and private sector
  • Encourage foreign students to invest their talents and experiences to enhance our mission objectives
  • Create and maintain long lasting contacts between IBSG alumni
  • Encourage collaboration between IBSG and other organizations, including student organizations with similar objectives or objectives that may enhance our mission
  • Facilitate the communication/network between IBSG, current IM students and the local and international business community
  • Provide professional development opportunities for students interested in a career in international business, particularly consulting services. Such services would include case study interview training based on best practices by major consulting firms worldwide
  • Promote the International Management (IM) concentration at the Anderson School of Management (ASM) at the undergraduate and graduate level.

For additional information regarding IBSG, please refer to our charter here.