Thursday, August 1, 2013

Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop

On February 26th, in collaboration with the US State Department and the Albuquerque Council of International Visitors, IBSG’s Poetics Program held a workshop to discuss creative entrepreneurship with seven women from throughout the African continent. These women are very talented artists, designers, and businesswomen who shared with us their experiences building creative enterprises. Our Poetics students worked with these entrepreneurs in discussing the value of handmade goods, specifically how one identifies and leverages intangible work in their value chain.

Earlier in the day, these seven women visited Dante Di Gregorio’s summer course where his students worked on market entry strategies and business plan development with our guests. This was part of a national tour these women were making as part of the US State Department International Visitors Program. Many thanks to the Albuquerque Council for International Visitors for letting us be a part of this event.

Our Guests Were:


Ms. Sadhna SOKHAL
Managing Director, Cutting Works (Mauritius) Ltd. and Legem Limited
(jewelry: precious and semi-precious stones)


Ms. Naomi Ora ATAGUBA
Chief Executive Officer, Aura Interiors
(baskets and wicker furniture)

Ms. Obafemi OLAYEBI
CEO, My World of Bags
(leather handbags)


Ms. Teta ISIBO
Managing Director and Founder, Inzuki Designs
(jewelry, leather handbags and women’s accessories)



Founder, Groupe J.D.A. Design
(jewelry, shoes, handbags and apparel)


Ms. Adama DIALLO
Owner and Executive Director, Beautiful Guinea
(home d├ęcor, furnishing and renovations)


Ms. TalleEssodezame AMAOU
General Director, Lambana Collection
(home accessories)

Participating IBSG Students

Heba Atwa-Kramer
Patrick Hibbard
Miriam Saba
Alison Turner


We are pleased to be included as a partner with the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market (SFIFAM). Their work is setting the global agenda each year, by providing folk artists ways to access the global marketplace while preserving the ancestral traditions and responding to consumption patterns resulting from mass production. Our work contributes to making the global economy a life-affirming, sustainable place, and we encourage all our students to take part in working with SFIFAM.

For more information about the SFIFAM please see:

For more information about our relationship with SFIFAM see:

Anderson/SFIFAM Relationship

For more information about our internship with the folk art market see:

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Here is a copy of our institutional analysis:

SFIFAM IBSG Report 2012

Consulting Consortium

Program Description

The Consulting Consortium is a program that is designed to develop case interview skills, outreach to consulting firms, and foster an atmosphere conducive to promoting the consulting industry and showcase our talented students.
Our long-term strategy is to demonstrate to large consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, etc… that we are at the forefront of consulting training in the Southwest and they should increase recruitment at ASM and UNM in general.

Program Curriculum

We will achieve this body of knowledge through weekly meetings where we will learn various analytic frameworks, the case interview process, and how to practice case interviews. We will have two case interviews each week and will take turns being the interviewer and interviewee in groups of no more than four students. In order to hone these skills, students will be required to practice outside of these sessions. Our annual mission is to log at least 100 case study hours, achieving a level of mastery for every student in our program in consulting practices.

Program Managers

Tori Pryor, Ronak Bhatt