Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kraye Challenge Updates

The Howard Kraye Memorial Challenge---Year 1
Theme: Think Green

The Green Team- 
Merve Yilidrim
Earl Shank
Audriana Stark
Dr. Manuel Montoya
The Project-

Phase 1- Raise Funding for Project
Raise $1,500 seed funding to commence project via consulting for Cooperative Development Center (CODECE). To see full report, click on the clinks below.

Phase 2-  Develop Sustainability Package
Package components include:
Canvas bag
Water bottle
Seed from local farmers (chili and sunflower)
A booklet listing small changes individuals can make that will have a big impact on the planet. 

Phase 3- Market the Product
Sales campaigns around Albuquerque and UNM. Campaigns generated awareness of environmental sustainability movement. 

Phase 4- Tree Planting
A memorial tree was planted at Anderson School of Management in honor and remembrance of Professor Howard Kraye. 

$500 donated to the National Arbor Day Foundation- Replanting our National Forests.

  • $2000 raised
  • 100 Sustainability Packages sold
  • Numerous plastic bottles and plastic bags saved from going to landfills or the ocean
  • 40 Pledges towards more sustainable lives
  • 11+ trees planted
  • Relationship with Cooperative Development Center

Photo Gallery
Students planting flowers and a tree in memory of Professor Howard Kraye, the inspiration for the Kraye Challenge Project. The tree is located just south of Jackson Student Center at Anderson School of Management.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here are two upcoming events that IBSG will be holding in collaboration with ACIV and other partners:

International Business Students Global 
and the Albuquerque Council of International Visitors 

America, American Studies, and American/Terran relations: Contested by the Global 

October 7th, 2013 
Place: Graduate School of Management Room 230 

The United States is a nation that has reckoned with its identity on the world stage. It has contributed to the support and production of international agreements and organizations while simultaneously struggling with its role as a global actor. The special role the United States has played in the global political economy makes its study a complex and multi-faceted problem. What are the essential components of American identity in its relationship to the planet? How will world history characterize the United States 100 years from now? To confront these questions, we will address larger questions about diaspora, diversity, and the import/export of American cultural values in a global context. This session will provide frames for understanding America’s complex relationship to the world, emphasizing major issues that may determine the future relationship between this complex nation and the planet itself. We will be joined by five scholars from the Palestinian Territories with research and professional interests in American Studies and related fields. We will conduct a one-and-a-half hour discussion with these scholars in an attempt to share ideas about how to study the United States in a global context.

International Business Students Global 
and the Albuquerque Council of International Visitors
in cooperation with 
The Global Education Office 
The International Studies Institute 
The National Security Studies Program 

World youth development and citizenship: a discussion 

October 10th, 2013 
 9:30am to 11:30am 
Place: Jackson Student Center 

The world’s youth are the most important part of a dynamic global environment. As we become conscious of globally derived problems, youth become the vehicle for building the social, cultural, and political circumstances to address these problems. This renders our children vulnerable to many new forces. We face new challenges as our youth develop “flexible citizenship” – occupying many worlds with many different social realities. This forum will discuss the way that we conceptualize youth development in a global context, focusing on the way that youth transforms the institutions that set the global agenda. We will be joined by five Open World Delegation scholars from Tajikistan with professional interests in youth development, human rights, and world society. We will engage in small exercises leading up to the forum that help us have a strong, multi-faceted discussion on October 10th.