Saturday, November 22, 2014

IKEEP Applications

UNM IBSG IKEEP Program now Accepting Applications for Summer 2016

International Business Students Global is now accepting applications for the Summer 2016 Social Entrepreneur Corps and Emzingo Internships.

Deadline: December 31st, 2015 at 11:59 P.M.

Applicants must:

Be members of IBSG in good standing OR apply for membership to IBSG
Complete the IBSG application before the deadline.

This year we will be offering both Spanish preparation workshops as well as monthly meetings in the spring semester to help students prepare for their summer abroad. We also offer students 3.0 credit hours for their pre-departure work as well as their time spent in the field.

Please e-mail Audriana Stark at with any questions. Audriana is also available to meet and answer any questions about the program. 

You can access the application here: 
2016 Application
(Please copy/paste application into a Word document)

Application Checklist

Memorandum of Understanding

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Foreign Language and Areas Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Call for Applications for the 2015-2016 Academic Year and Summer 2015 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Application deadline February 6th, 2015

The Latin American & Iberian Institute (LAII) announces a call for applications for U.S. Department of Education academic year FLAS Fellowships to promote the study of less-commonly-taught languages.

Academic Year FLAS Fellowships

The FLAS academic year fellowship supports training in Portuguese, K’iche’ Maya and Quechua. The fellowship provides tuition and fees for the fall and spring semesters plus a stipend. Recipients of academic year FLAS Fellowships are required to take courses at UNM in K'iche' Maya, Portuguese or Quechua as well as Latin American area studies courses.

Summer FLAS Fellowships

Students may also apply for FLAS summer fellowships. These fellowships cover expenses associated with less-commonly-taught language programs approved by the US Department of Education but administered by universities throughout the United States. Some programs are held in the United States and others are held in Latin America. The summer 2015 programs list is expected to become available by mid-December.

Application Information

The deadline for both the 2015-2016 Academic Year FLAS Fellowship and the 2015 Summer FLAS fellowship isFriday, February 6th, 2015 at 5:00 pmA Help Session will be held at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at the LAII. All first-time applicants are encouraged to attend.

Full-time UNM undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline who are focusing on the study of Latin America may apply. Undergraduate student recipients must be prepared to study one of the approved languages at the intermediate or advanced level. Graduate student recipients may study one of the approved languages at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level. Students at the very advanced level are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to those students for which a robust range of courses in the chosen language have yet to be completed. Ph.D. students at the dissertation phase are discouraged from applying. Recipients must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Students in the professional schools and those planning a career in U.S. government service are highly encouraged to apply.

Students with or without financial need are encouraged to apply; however, preference will be given to those who can demonstrate financial need.  As such, applicants should submit their FAFSA to UNM’s Office of Financial Aid at the earliest date possible (January 1st). FAFSA reports will be consulted during the FLAS application review process.

Find more information at

Monday, November 10, 2014

Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation on two sides of the planet:

A global teleconference between New Mexico, USA and Tajikistan


Monday Nov. 17th, 9:00pm (UTC – 7:00), UNM Anderson School of Management GSM 226


Tuesday Nov. 18th 9:00am (UTC +5:00), American Chamber of Commerce in Tajikistan


The United States state of New Mexico (34◦N, 106◦W) and the Republic of Tajikistan (38.55◦N, 68.8◦E) are nearly opposite to each other on the planet’s surface.  However, there is much to share between these two beautiful places.  Both have a rich ancestral heritage, and both have a relationship with larger economies that pose great opportunities and challenges for businesspeople and for the communities they serve.  In an era where social change is a big part of how businesses and economies develop, it is important to know how this concept is understood across large distances.  Students from the University of New Mexico and students from several higher education institutions in Tajikistan will have a one-hour discussion on different perspectives on entrepreneurship and social innovation.


U.S. side -- Michaela Brown, Startup ABQ; Manuel Montoya, PhD, Anderson School of Management

Tajik side-- Marco Rinkovich, AFA Press, United Nations Population Fund

This broadcast will be recorded.  A copy of the broadcast will be made available for viewing later in the week courtesy of the Anderson School of Management and IBSG.
For more information on Global Entrepreneurship Week visit:

In United States and Albuquerque:
In Dushanbe and Tajikistan:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ivan Karp Emerging Economies Expands Opportunities

The Ivan Karp Emerging Economies Project (IKEEP)
2014-2015 Opportunities 

Last summer, IBSG sent 2 students to intern with the Social Entrepreneur Corps (SEC) to consult in Guatemala and Ecuador.

This year, we are expanding our offerings as we solidify a partnership with Emzingo! Emzingo recently won the AshokaU Cordes Innovation Award and is making significant social impacts around the world. 

It is our goal to send 3 students to do consulting for SEC and Emzingo during the academic year 2014-2015. You could be the next UNM representative to spend your summer working in Guatemala, Peru, South Africa, Ecuador, Nicaragua, or the Dominican Republic. 
To find out more details about how to apply, visit the application page.

*Note- To apply for Social Entrepreneur Corp or Emzingo, you must first fill out an application with IBSG. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

IKEEP Emzingo

Emzingo Pilot Students Selected

This summer 3 UNM students will be serving as fellows with Emzingo. Tori Pryor and Alison Turner will be piloting the Emzingo Global Impact Undergraduate Program in Johannesburg, South Africa. Graduate student, Audriana Stark, will pilot the Emzingo NexGen Fellowship in Lima, Peru. 

Follow our students by clicking on the blogs below:

Tori Pryor - Emzingo 2015
Audriana Stark- Emzingo Peru 2015
This is Emzingo

IKEEP Expands Offering with  Emzingo Partnership 

In 2014, IBSG began a partnership with Emzingo. Emzingo offers an award winning NexGen Fellowship, 8 week immersion program that combines group learning, reflective practice and personal coaching with a hands-on social impact project in an emerging country and Impact Learning Treks that are 1-to-2 week customizable immersion programs, which take place during academic breaks, allowing students to learn from social enterprises in South Africa, Brazil, or Peru.

It is our goal to send 3 students to work with Emzingo in 2014-2015. You can find out more information about Emzingo by visiting their website. You can be the first UNM student to pilot this innovative program!

IBSG is now accepting applications for the Summer 2015 Internship Program. Please see the 
Application page. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Outside the Margins Updates

   A Glimpse Into the Exhibit-Outside the Margins



Sol De La Noche

Thank you for your support!
~International Business Students Global

Friday, June 13, 2014

Silent Auction- Home Page

Vinyl Art Pieces
Item Number
Noah Kessler

7” Vinyl Figurine
Lisa De St. Croix

7” Vinyl Figurine
Emily M. Sperry

7” Vinyl Figurine
Liz Sanquiche

7” Vinyl Figurine
Miriam Saba

7” Vinyl Figurine

7” Vinyl Figurine
Paul Robinson, a.k.a. “Mostly Harmless”

7” Vinyl Figurine
Warren Montoya

7” Vinyl Figurine
Rudy WL Montoya

7” Vinyl Figurine
Mendy Mills

7” Vinyl Figurine on a 6 foot Frame
Ria Mazumdar and Enlace Comunitario

18” Vinyl Figurine
Gabriel Eloy Martinez “GEM”

7” Vinyl Figurine
Samantha Huynh

7” Vinyl Figurine
Cyrus Moses Gould

7” Vinyl Figurine
Michael Gates

7” Vinyl Figurine

Joel Henry, a.k.a. “Bearface”

7” Vinyl Figurine
Savannah Bustillo

7” Vinyl Figurine
Nick Griffith

2.5” Vinyl Figurine

Poem Number

Natalia Trevino

Levi Romero
Adam Rubinstein
Liz SanQuiche
Irene Lara Silva

Natalia Trevino
Carlos Contreras
Jessica Helen Lopez

Tony Mares


Silent Auction- Poem- Outside the Margins

Outside the Margins
Anonymous, 2014

We have set aside our primeval brethren.
They were the first children to utter the names of light and dark
And now they are discarded by the same tongues that named them.
Each one, as they slouch beyond the gates of oblivion turns to us
They ask what they have done to be forgotten
But we do not hear them.
They say their names and the echoes shake the girders of belief
                                And yet we do not hear them.
“I am the tongue of Eden,
I am Yggdrasil, the world tree,
I am Fuerza, who stood at your door on your naming day
I am pride’s light, I am Ra, who is always inside you
I am the Seven of Wands,
I am the living wound; I am the name of broken homes,
I am the repository of unrequited love,
I am quicksand and I am dignity,
I am the forced smile and I am the historical rape,
I am the fields of kindness, I am eager, and yet I am the ashes that mark the first birds,
I am desperation and I am consumed,
I am the barbed wire; I am Odin’s wheelchair,
I am the purchased, a hole in utopia’s gutter,
I am the electric ether, I am anonymity,
I am the stillborn, the unpretty color,
I am the yucca that baptized the oldest stones,
I am the first to sit on the throne of poverty,
I am the Guardian of Oppression.”

And despite the call of these ancient names
                                We do not hear them.
We betray them and send them one step beyond their own names.
One day in shame, we shall all discover that we are all there too.

We will one day learn that we are pilgrims of a common exile.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silent Auction- Poem- The Legend of the Scarecrow

The Legend of the Scarecrow

Once upon a time
crows flapped around the scarecrow
macaws, parrots, blue herons,
birds of every hue had no use
for the scary stand-in for humans
scarecrow didn’t like it
the birds are okay he said
I want to be their friend

okay said the humans until
they dropped their smiles
tortured and killed the scarecrow

one blind crow saw it happen
remembered he’d squawked
at the friendly scarecrow
he saw it all, he repented

there was general mourning in birdland
they knew they’d made a mistake
so the crows dressed in black
the macaws, the parrots, the blue herons
all dressed in black

now we grope our way in the sunless
bombed out world we live in
we dress in black inside ourselves
once upon a time is now

Tony Mares

Silent Auction- Poem- The Bodysmooth Consumer is a Woman

The Bodysmooth Consumer is a Woman
Jessica Helen Lopez

For we are all factory with smooth metal legs and consumable parts
Necks like smokestacks and Bic blades pink on a frosty Sunday morning
We are sexy consumers and passive violent offenders, sleek credit card swipe and mad jangle of the gold coin rising.  We are third world racketeers. The bodysmooth consumer of a first world woman.

We are debt and glory.  We are wrinkle free foreheads and frozen crow’s feet.
We have no time for time.

For we are hot breath hangover and hot yoga class two for one
so we take our best hung over friend and sip Bloody Mary’s post-bliss

For we are all about dancing on barstools and kissing cigarettes into ring shaped smoke. We are ass shake and bend-over-hos. We are bendable.

For we wear ladders for shoes and tower over our competitors. 
We are stealth and young forever.

Praise the artificial breast and its swooning sloshing beauty.  The rhinoplasty and the third
first world nose job. Admire the toe worship. The bejeweled cuticle.  The summer diet.  The winter diet.

The spinach puree cleanse.  Admire the summer house in the Hamptons. The ski season in the Aspens.

The Mexican maid.  The Korean maid. The Honduran maid.  The Venezuelan maid. 
The breast milk by proxy.

Praise the glitter song. The tiara.  The sexy five-year olds on parade.  The barroom brawl lyrics and the maddening microwaves and UV lighting. Keep clipping coupons girl.  You are almost there.

You are 957 Ways to Turn Him On.  You are 101 Recipes for a Skinny Bitch. You are the latest anti-aging technology. You are obsession.  You are infatuation.  You are beautiful neurosis.

For we are Summer’s Eve mask-the-smell make-overs. The polite douche bottle beneath the bathroom sink. The tucked-away tampons.  We are hairless bodies and waxed, tucked, plucked, fucked, goosed, and chemical peel. We are overcrowded mouth and bleached cusped.

This is for all the women whose hearts hum electric.
Whose hearts are shrink wrapped cadavers.
Whose hearts have been deodorized.

We who palpitate with key strokes and Facebook posts. We who stir with caffeinated online purchases.  We who gulp pharmaceuticals and green-eyed margaritas. We who haunt drug stores and strip malls.

Go to sleep.

Sleep. Sleep soft. 
Sleep hard.  All the signs are mounting.
They point to sleep.  The mellifluous halo of stillness.
The small explosions behind the eyelids like white static chrysanthemums.

Your middle name isn’t happy hour. It isn’t Eau de Parfum. You are not your nervous breakdown.

You are 200,000 years of slanted rain.  You are Lilith rising, bald and golden-headed baby. You are Thought Woman and a satchel of eggs webbed to your eighth leg.   You are the squall and thunderous storm.

Your femur, the longest mile. Your body, anything but smooth, and never a factory.
Never a cog or mechanic fulcrum. Never a this for a that.

We are rough-patch hewn of the fossil.  The calcified woman.

We were here first.