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Online Auction Guidelines

Outside The Margins

Online Auction Guidelines

Thank you for taking part in our online auction.  Your contributions are going to support Art for Refugees in Transition(A.R.T.), a 501c(3) Organization, supported through International Business Students Global (IBSG) and the Anderson School of Management Foundation, also a 501c(3) organization.  Furthermore, you are bidding on custom made, one-of-a-kind art pieces that are part of a growing and popular artistic medium.  Here are some basic instructions, information and guidelines to consider as you engage in the bidding process.

How to bid:
  1. The auction site contains photos, descriptions, and information about the artist and art piece.  These photos are all verified by our organization and authorized for publication by the artist. Feel free to browse through the website, either by artist, title, or by scrolling through each piece’s page. 
  2. The starting bid price will be located at the bottom of the page in the “comments” section.
  3. If you wish to bid, send an email to with the following information:
A. The title of the piece and/or the item number in the subject heading of the message.
B.  In the body of the email, provide us with the following information
Full name:
Mailing Address:
Phone number:
Maximum bid:
Method of Payment (Credit Card -- VISA/Mastercard/AmEx; or Check):

      4. We will verify your bid and post it on the website.  At no time will your personal information be
           published on our site.  DO NOT post your own information on the website.  We will post the    
           information based on the time index of your email submission.

Important information and guidelines:
  1.  Bidding begins May 30th, 2014 6:00pm MST and will officially end June 6th, 2014 6:00pm.
  2. Please be sure to check the website and your specific item for updated information.  If a new bid has been made, you will receive an email with this updated information. Our website is
  3. By sending an email to and by providing bidding information, you have agreed to purchase the product you have bid on should your bid be the maximum bid.  If you are the highest bidder, you are obligated to purchase this product.
  4. Your contribution is considered a 501c(3) tax-exempt contribution.
What to expect if you win a bid:
  1. If you are the winner of the item in question, you will receive an email confirming your winning bid.  At that time, we will arrange for payment.
  2. Your art piece will be sent to you via insured mail (or personal delivery if you are in the Albuquerque metropolitan area and wish for personal delivery).
  3.  Your contribution will also be listed in a forthcoming book that will chronicle the evolution of this project.

Thank you for supporting this project.  Happy bidding!

Silent Auction- Home Page

Item Number
Noah Kessler

7” Vinyl Figurine
Lisa De St. Croix

7” Vinyl Figurine
Emily M. Sperry

7” Vinyl Figurine
Liz Sanquiche

7” Vinyl Figurine
Miriam Saba

7” Vinyl Figurine

7” Vinyl Figurine
Paul Robinson, a.k.a. “Mostly Harmless”

7” Vinyl Figurine
Warren Montoya

7” Vinyl Figurine
Rudy WL Montoya

7” Vinyl Figurine
Mendy Mills

7” Vinyl Figurine on a 6 foot Frame
Ria Mazumdar and Enlace Comunitario

18” Vinyl Figurine
Gabriel Eloy Martinez “GEM”

7” Vinyl Figurine
Samantha Huynh

7” Vinyl Figurine
Cyrus Moses Gould

7” Vinyl Figurine
Michael Gates

7” Vinyl Figurine
Joaquin Delgado

7” Vinyl Figurine
Joel Henry, a.k.a. “Bearface”

7” Vinyl Figurine
Savannah Bustillo

7” Vinyl Figurine
Nick Griffith

2.5” Vinyl Figurine

Silent Auction- "Center of Light"

“Center of Light”
Noah Kessler De St. Croix

Center Of Light
The pure whole light of undifferentiated being,
Totally luminous, incandescent, pure,
Fills the entirety of the body to the point of dissolving,
Until there is no body, no contour, no environmental tension,
Just the purity of light at once the center,
Like ripples in a pond,
Expanding out from its own center,
The configuration of all phenomena in the universe,
So the process of centering,
Selfsame for all things, and all beings, all spirits,
The one source that lies deep within the very desire to be,
Float in it as it dissolves the impurities and purifies the elements,
As we are all one under the sun infinite….

About the Artist:
Noah De St Croix is passionate multi-media artist. He is a special events planner, organizer, and manager. Noah has been successful in organizing events and bringing people together to create more connected community. He has shown work and put on events with Warehouse 508, Warehouse 21, University of New Mexico, 516 Arts, The Old School Gallery, Masks y Mas, Nice Barber shop, Amped Performance Space, the Rail yard, Santa Fe Brewing Company and many other spaces. He has painted a number of private and public murals in Santa Fe, downtown Albuquerque, Israel, South Africa, and Malawi. Noah’s sees using the arts as a language to promote holistic health and community development.  Noah envisions facilitating engaging, stimulating and uplifting, art driven events that connect and are focused on environmental conservation, economic vitality and social equity.

Starting bid- $300

Silent Auction- “Munny and Seven of Wands”

“Munny and Seven of Wands”
Lisa De St. Croix

The plight of the Amazon Indians threatened by the building of the Belo Monte dam came into my consciousness the day I pulled the Seven of Wands to paint in my tarot deck “Tarot de St. Croix” These are the words Chief Raoni spoke at the Rio conference on the future of our planet. "I want to ask the entire World to respect us, the native people. That the world respects our lands, the native lands. That they let us live in peace. I am going to continue to defend Nature, the river, the forests... and I'm going to see that my sons pursue my fight to defend what belongs to them and preserve the lands which are theirs." - Chief Raoni. The Seven of Wands is a card of valor; the courage to stand up for what you value and not to compromise or settle for less. The Seven of Wands is about defending your position and communicating a deeply felt opinion. 

Amazon Watch: The Brazilian Government is building the world's third largest hydroelectric dam on one of the Amazon's major tributaries, the Xingu River. The Belo Monte Dam complex is designed to divert 80% of the Xingu River's flow, devastating an area of over 1,500 square kilometers of Brazilian rainforest while resulting in the forced displacement of between 20,000 - 40,000 people. The project is causing grave and direct impacts to the land and livelihood of thousands of riverine and urban families, as well as 1,000 indigenous people from several communities, while provoking profound indirect impacts throughout the Xingu basin's communities, rivers, and forests.

About the Artist-
Lisa de St. Croix was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Lisa has exhibited her paintings across United States in New York, Boston and Santa Fe as well as internationally in South Africa, France, Portugal and Mexico. Lisa has been awarded the New Mexico Arts Purchase Award twice and her paintings are in many private and public collections. Her work hangs in six hospitals, The Corrales Court House and New Mexico University. Lisa has taught many art workshops throughout the world. She has designed sets, written and produced puppet shows and has painted several murals on public buildings. Lisa’s paintings and art journals are inspired by her experiences, travels and visions. Lisa now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she teaches art workshops and has just completed a tarot deck “Tarot de St. Croix”.

Starting bid- $300

Silent Auction- "“Consumed”

Emily M. Sperry

Although beautiful, he is distorted and grotesque;
he is addicted to his greed, it has consumed and changed him.
He once had natural roots, the trunk of a tree, and was connected to the earth.
But now he is stuck in his cycle of consumption, engorgement, mutation.
Gazes out - does he know how he looks?
Does he notice, recognize his changing self?
He is tactile and reminiscent of a chunk of gold. He glimmers,
beckons to be consumed.
Inside, he nourishes a secret (underside)

About the Artist-
Emily M. Sperry is a Visual Artist.  She has a Master of Fine Arts from NY Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts from University of New Mexico. She currently lives in the Hudson Valley, New York and visits home (Albuquerque) often.

Starting bid-$300

Silent Auction- “Home Sweet Home”

“Home Sweet Home” 
Liz Sanquiche

One day
they will realize, that you are not
 as solid
as the brick walls protecting
once erected by the strength, and
the courage of your vital force.
Standing tall, you stood for
all the descendants
of a common ancestor.
Those countless brutal winters
take their toll, even on Giants.
Unintended consequences ignored
your weathered mortar
 crumbling, but still holding
together beats
Beating whispers, of
your afflicted conscious.

Your soles should speak
exposing stories, of horrifying
our ears never seeping, the
screaming whispers we choose to
details traveling to our senses
your eyes, confessing the
deep inflection, the
mirrored reflection of humanity.

 Bitter is he, when
all the sweetness of life is torn away
Misery obscures judgment, yet
we judge him
he sleeps with torment
blanketed by hunger on a crisp
 night, yet
we torment him.
Passing him we look away
truth be told, with disdain
when his hand reaches out
terror stricken, a reminder
that HE IS US at our worst, yet
he smiles warmly, a sweet token,
the richness of home is in the heart.

About the Artist-
Liz Sanquiche is a New Yorker, a sculptor, artist, customizer, author, and poet. Known as "Brikhaus" to close friends and family, primarily for her curvaceous and flirtatious self. Yes, brick house, as in the song! She has lived in Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, Guam, South Carolina, Long island and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was a former retail general/store manager with twenty years in the industry, leaving this behind in the fall of 2010. Her life was all business, tucking away the real love of her life creativity, until she imploded!  "I was so fired up I ran with my nickname and created the art tag Blazon Brikhaus. I am at a turning point in my life.  I am losing myself and finding myself. I am in the midst of a metamorphosis spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I am nurturing my creative side." An artist with no formal education in the arts, she is inspired and self-taught, but continuously works towards nurturing and elevating her craft, and expanding into other artistic directions. Her talent and imagination allows her to create unique artwork. She is devoted to putting passion in every piece she creates and every piece she writes.  She has authored a book of short sexy tales published in 2010 and is currently writing a book of poems titled "Life as a Brikhaus” and a book about her divorce, personal struggles and transition to an artist titled "Blow the Brikhaus Down".

Starting bid- $1000 discounted to $500

Silent Auction- “Peace for Syria”

“Peace for Syria”
Miriam Saba

About her piece, she writes:  This piece is for Syria. The crisis in Syria and the many other wars being fought cannot be ignored. Being an Iranian-American, and living in the United States of America, allows me to have the freedom and security that those in other countries do not. I wanted to make a beautiful, yet unfortunate piece for the victims of the Syrian crisis because they are beautiful people stuck in an unfortunate situation. Using this medium allowed me to express my emotional feelings about this crisis and for hope that one day there will be peace again in Syria.

About the Artist-
Miriam was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM.

Starting bid- $300

Silent Auction- “Fuerza”


About the Artist-
Release is an aerosol muralist focused and intent on evolving destruction into creative expansion.  Throughout his journey and experience in this time he has found peace in his practice and perfection in a constantly changing ever adapting life as a student.  He has traveled the country by car, van, bus, freights, planes, and feet, creating art and remembering sustainable living practices of the earth.  Now he is returned and planted in his homeland, the high desert Rio Grande Valley, to assist in the re-evolution and renaissance that awaits us… to speak louder than words.

Starting bid- $300

Silent Auction- “Too Many Broken Hearted”

“Too Many Broken Hearted”
Paul Robinson, a.k.a. “Mostly Harmless”

About the Artist-
Indiana based toy art enthusiast with a preoccupation with the undead and Saturday morning cartoon gore. 

Instagram: @Mostlyharmlessvinylcustoms
Facebook page: Mostly Harmless Vinyl Customs

Poetic Interpretation-
Blindspot - Adam Rubinstein
After Miss Haze

Dear brother,

I am writing because we are honest men. We’ve tasted our hearts
and know damn wellwhen we are lying. It’s because of this we know too well
there is a heart that counsels the heart, that suggests
we trample the floor
and scream about credit cards to keep our deeper darkness safe.

It’s just our fear: something we did not ask for
given to us in childhood. That we will be known completely; naked
and obviously lying.

I am writing, brother, because we are the only ones who think our nakedness
is hidden: this skin, this sex, this voice. Our power.

No human is free
of burdens: we all curse our parents or some younger moment
of ourselves. We all carry our bodies through the day,
and dread taxes.

But our friends make less than us and pay more. They’re
They just want to negotiate only their own daily questions. We know this, and still

it’s in our blindspot.

When they tell us
we are not listening, we tell them to say it better, deeper
in this fine language we did not ask for and were given
as children.

So even as we agree
they are oppressed by men who look like us, we insist they tell their stories
like we do.

This is my darkness, brother, and yours.

And when they do
what we asked, we call it a hell of a poem. An act of aesthetics

we can compliment for how well it speaks to us.

About the Poet-

Adam can be credited a birthfather, writer and designer, terrible dancer, vegetarian, sustainability enthusiast, lover of chile, travel, drone music, and campy horror movies. He’s writing a book about the end of the world, which happened in his hometown, roughly 50 years ago, and again, roughly 100 years before that. And possibly again. You can read it as it evolves at its very own website.

Starting bid $300