Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- "Center of Light"

“Center of Light”
Noah Kessler De St. Croix

Center Of Light
The pure whole light of undifferentiated being,
Totally luminous, incandescent, pure,
Fills the entirety of the body to the point of dissolving,
Until there is no body, no contour, no environmental tension,
Just the purity of light at once the center,
Like ripples in a pond,
Expanding out from its own center,
The configuration of all phenomena in the universe,
So the process of centering,
Selfsame for all things, and all beings, all spirits,
The one source that lies deep within the very desire to be,
Float in it as it dissolves the impurities and purifies the elements,
As we are all one under the sun infinite….

About the Artist:
Noah De St Croix is passionate multi-media artist. He is a special events planner, organizer, and manager. Noah has been successful in organizing events and bringing people together to create more connected community. He has shown work and put on events with Warehouse 508, Warehouse 21, University of New Mexico, 516 Arts, The Old School Gallery, Masks y Mas, Nice Barber shop, Amped Performance Space, the Rail yard, Santa Fe Brewing Company and many other spaces. He has painted a number of private and public murals in Santa Fe, downtown Albuquerque, Israel, South Africa, and Malawi. Noah’s sees using the arts as a language to promote holistic health and community development.  Noah envisions facilitating engaging, stimulating and uplifting, art driven events that connect and are focused on environmental conservation, economic vitality and social equity.

Starting bid- $300

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