Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- "“Consumed”

Emily M. Sperry

Although beautiful, he is distorted and grotesque;
he is addicted to his greed, it has consumed and changed him.
He once had natural roots, the trunk of a tree, and was connected to the earth.
But now he is stuck in his cycle of consumption, engorgement, mutation.
Gazes out - does he know how he looks?
Does he notice, recognize his changing self?
He is tactile and reminiscent of a chunk of gold. He glimmers,
beckons to be consumed.
Inside, he nourishes a secret (underside)

About the Artist-
Emily M. Sperry is a Visual Artist.  She has a Master of Fine Arts from NY Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts from University of New Mexico. She currently lives in the Hudson Valley, New York and visits home (Albuquerque) often.

Starting bid-$300

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