Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- "Earth Warrior"

“Earth Warrior"
Cyrus Moses Gould


Shackled in chains yet her spirit remains unbroken. 
Third eyes abundant vision pierces through thinly veiled blindfolds. She knows no borders, f@€k your imaginary lines made my mad men marching in straight lines backwards.
Heart of triangular rainbow energy encircling auras of transcendent power. Chains rust and fall to the ground like abandoned coins we thought would last forever. 
She watches with her ears. Silent as a sleeping giant her chains are old and eroded yet she remains still, watching her whole world die, like the last tree in the rain Forest.

About the Artist-

Cyrus Moses Gould has been creating Art since he could hold a marker and has been a member of the United Hip-Hop Family Dance Krew for over a decade. His style of Art and Dance is a mixture of spontaneous movement and playful expressive character. Cyrus is a community event organizer, has been involved in Hip-Hop theater productions, worked for Warehouse 508 teaching Poetry, Art and Dance in Albuquerque Public Schools, contracted for Children Youth and Family Department doing workshops. Gould is also a Certified Natural Therapeutics Specialist and respects the medicinal power of Self Expression.

Starting bid- $300

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