Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- "Guardian of the Oppression"

The Guardian of Oppression
 Joaquin Delgado

After years of oppression the guardian who was once a ironsmith, in a village, witnessed his entire family abducted and sold into slavery. Has replaced his skin with layers of iron to protect himself from any further infliction. And saved his heart in a furnace. Located in his chest.

He's outcasted among all civilization.  And spends his immortal decades among the shadows guarding his heart. As he hopes to one day find peace.

About the Artist-
Joaquin Delgado A.K.A. "Crux" Graphic Designer/Visual Artist was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. Crux started drawing at an early age. He was inspired in adolescent years by artists like Salavdor Dali, Norman Rockwell, & MC Escher. He received scholarships to local community art schools and young artists programs for sculpting, drawing, & painting. During high school Crux studied at the Academy of Art Univ. in San Francisco & The Art Institute of San Antonio. For Graphic Design & Advertising.
He is the founder of (CircustankLLC Media | Art) and focuses on Designer Toys and digital media.

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