Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- “Home Sweet Home”

“Home Sweet Home” 
Liz Sanquiche

One day
they will realize, that you are not
 as solid
as the brick walls protecting
once erected by the strength, and
the courage of your vital force.
Standing tall, you stood for
all the descendants
of a common ancestor.
Those countless brutal winters
take their toll, even on Giants.
Unintended consequences ignored
your weathered mortar
 crumbling, but still holding
together beats
Beating whispers, of
your afflicted conscious.

Your soles should speak
exposing stories, of horrifying
our ears never seeping, the
screaming whispers we choose to
details traveling to our senses
your eyes, confessing the
deep inflection, the
mirrored reflection of humanity.

 Bitter is he, when
all the sweetness of life is torn away
Misery obscures judgment, yet
we judge him
he sleeps with torment
blanketed by hunger on a crisp
 night, yet
we torment him.
Passing him we look away
truth be told, with disdain
when his hand reaches out
terror stricken, a reminder
that HE IS US at our worst, yet
he smiles warmly, a sweet token,
the richness of home is in the heart.

About the Artist-
Liz Sanquiche is a New Yorker, a sculptor, artist, customizer, author, and poet. Known as "Brikhaus" to close friends and family, primarily for her curvaceous and flirtatious self. Yes, brick house, as in the song! She has lived in Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, Guam, South Carolina, Long island and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was a former retail general/store manager with twenty years in the industry, leaving this behind in the fall of 2010. Her life was all business, tucking away the real love of her life creativity, until she imploded!  "I was so fired up I ran with my nickname and created the art tag Blazon Brikhaus. I am at a turning point in my life.  I am losing myself and finding myself. I am in the midst of a metamorphosis spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I am nurturing my creative side." An artist with no formal education in the arts, she is inspired and self-taught, but continuously works towards nurturing and elevating her craft, and expanding into other artistic directions. Her talent and imagination allows her to create unique artwork. She is devoted to putting passion in every piece she creates and every piece she writes.  She has authored a book of short sexy tales published in 2010 and is currently writing a book of poems titled "Life as a Brikhaus” and a book about her divorce, personal struggles and transition to an artist titled "Blow the Brikhaus Down".

Starting bid- $1000 discounted to $500

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