Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- “S.P.A.M. (Social and Political Acts of Mutilation)”

“S.P.A.M. (Social and Political Acts of Mutilation)”
Warren Montoya

This piece is a representation of the literal and internal wounds suffered by victims of political and social injustices. The body of the figure is a depiction of physical scaring and open wounds due to war, slavery, violence, imprisonment and genocide. The palms feet and ears bleed from the continual strain of physical labor, unethical conditions and verbal abuses.  The soul, represented by the tree, loses its foliage to the diseased environment. The neatly oriented and colorful scars of the face are a façade; A glamorized perception of the struggle. There is no formula, no prescription to relieve someone else of their trauma. There is only compassion.

About the Artist-
Warren Montoya is born of Santa Ana Pueblo (Tamaya) and Santa Clara Pueblo (Khapo Owinge') in New Mexico. With guidance from indigenous ideals, Warren practices multiple forms of creative expression and community advocacy work. Currently, his core media are Acrylic painting, Ink illustrations, graphite drawings, contemporary wood jewelry and graphic design. Many of his pieces are influenced by history, cultural beliefs and the study of contemporary social dynamics. His style is inspired by Graffiti art, comic art, “Surrealism”, and the work of his peers. Warren pairs a wide spectrum of colors and styles with concepts of indigenous identity, within his pieces. Warren received a B.A. in Art from Fort Lewis College, in 2006. Later, he worked as a graphic designer for a year. Warren then pursued a different career as a “Therapeutic Adventure Programs” facilitator for a local non-profit. As a facilitator he guided participants in activities and lead conversations that explored concepts of personal empowerment and resiliency. Through this work, he was inspired to involve aspects of "cultural" resiliency of Native American heritage, within his art. He also began developing the idea to create a business venture that promoted his two passions. Now, as Founder of the indigenous arts collective, REZONATE Art, Warren sells and promotes the work of contemporary Indigenous artists through his online store and at art events throughout the southwest -- all the while, creating art, facilitating part-time, and participating in initiatives that influence growth for the community.

Starting bid- $450

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