Friday, May 30, 2014

Silent Auction- "V.I.D.A. Valor, Independencia, Determinación, Adaptación)"

V.I.D.A. (Valor, Independencia,  Determinación, Adaptación)
Ria Mazumdar and Enlace Comunitario

Description- 28" vinyl figurine
The main inspiration for the piece “Transgression” was to reflect upon the negative effects technology brings to our society. Conceptually, the following were considered; internet and technology can marginalize and exploit individuals and social groups. Lack of privacy, cyber bullying and narcissistic addictions to social media websites were all inspirations used in its creation. 

About the Artists-
Enlace Comunitario is a nonprofit social justice organization in Albuquerque that works primarily with the Latino immigrant community to fight and prevent domestic violence in addition to providing counseling and legal services. Since 1995, the organization has been active in advocating survivors’ rights and has received multiple awards for its services since.

Ria Mazumdar will be a senior at Albuquerque Academy next fall. She’s passionate about philosophy, social issues, and how the two affect communities and societies as a whole. According to her, participating in this project has been a wonderful experience that has demonstrated both the power of artistic expression and the vital importance of raising awareness regarding all types of alienation in the world. Ria has also contributed an essay on alienation based on this project, which will be added to our forthcoming book.

Harley Hanes has also contributed an essay to this project.  Harley is a junior in high school at Albuquerque Academy. He is the 2nd of 3 brothers and has lived in Albuquerque for the past 10 years. Outside of school he does Model UN, Speech and Debate, and Science Olympiad along with running and reading. After studying business in college he wishes to go into NGO work and management.

Starting bid- $400

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