Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ailent Auction- Poem- la frontera: aqui soñamos de mezcla

la frontera: aquí soñamos de mezcla

“In recent years it has become fashionable to write and talk about borders and borderlands, often metaphorically. It is important that we remember that borders are also real, physical places... (with) very tangible consequences for those living along the border.”
                                               -Yolanda Chavez-Leyva

we dream of home      
            and ‘to belong’
we dream of borders
            border crossings
of differences
            highways taking us ‘to’
                                    not ‘from’
transformations and symbols born anew

we forget the riverbeds
forget the desert childen,
cocooned by stilled motherbodies
            traincars hot then cold
            with breath and suffocation
bullets fired from anxious guns
ignorant of nationality or life
            graves sunken ten
            bodies deep
the gnarled branches and their
rope black ringed scars
            the quiet(?) cages of malnutrition
            miseducation   suspicion
on the border there are bodies

with these brown
                                                bodies we dream
of mezcla and mestizaje
melting braiding languages
we dream of fusion
believe in the fertility of chispas
the rolling inevitability of change
this land this sun this sky these hands

but don’t forget
            the border is littered
with bodies laying at crossed angles
a barbed wire fence of flesh
                                    and bone

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