Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silent Auction- Poem "El peso del compromiso

El peso del compromiso

He had never found it
To be such a problem before
But lately these acts
Of charity and generosity
 Were a bad crucible

The weight upon him
Didn´t feel heavy
It was light and thin
As a gold stream of words
 Flowing from the ripped page
Of his dictionary

How could his good intentions
 Be so misconstrued? He pondered
 But he had no answer
And the deadline
Was approaching
Pale and hungry
Conversations were one-sided
And topsy-turvey
Prayer only seemed
To distance him further

From what?

It´s like he knew but couldn´t explain
A lot of good that does
He thought, as he approached
The podium
I feed them
When they hunger
I give them drink
When they thirst

And all for what?

They will commission
A sculpture of my likeness

I will be the gallant
Psuedo hero
Mounted on
A rearing stallion

Hundreds of years
From now
I will have

Even less

To say

Levi Romero

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