Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silent Auction- Poem- The Legend of the Scarecrow

The Legend of the Scarecrow

Once upon a time
crows flapped around the scarecrow
macaws, parrots, blue herons,
birds of every hue had no use
for the scary stand-in for humans
scarecrow didn’t like it
the birds are okay he said
I want to be their friend

okay said the humans until
they dropped their smiles
tortured and killed the scarecrow

one blind crow saw it happen
remembered he’d squawked
at the friendly scarecrow
he saw it all, he repented

there was general mourning in birdland
they knew they’d made a mistake
so the crows dressed in black
the macaws, the parrots, the blue herons
all dressed in black

now we grope our way in the sunless
bombed out world we live in
we dress in black inside ourselves
once upon a time is now

Tony Mares

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