Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silent Auction- Poem- Swallowed


What does it mean
to be figured out of the picture
Missing as if I wasn’t a figure at
a figment, of imagination.
Even when I have one… an imagination,
that is. I can believe myself to be better
than the collective thoughts
that amount to nothing, when folks
see me, or better yet, don’t – as exactly, that.

There is little that can be said for nothing,
and I am something more than
this: a lot to say, I might add.
If you’d only listen to my story,
rather than choosing not to even
Hear me.

Swallowed by a system with teeth
of concrete and steel – still, I fight
from within the belly of this beast,
to not become one, myself. Devoured
by the isolation of cinderblock and the
cacophonous sounds of what bounces
off correctional facility bars and walls -

Silent, I am not – silenced I will not be
and so when the time comes and it is
loud with the chaos of thoughts
and lack of compassion when I ration
my emotions and return them to you,
like clothes that did not fit,
when I give sadness and silence
absence and disregard back,
like returned presents I need not play
with…. What will you do then?

Possibly nothing -
but find another person to forget
another body to throw behind walls
and lose the wonder about whether or not
they too will get any better – with little to
rely on but themselves.

I am, myself, an example of what happens
to over 2 million human beings when

We forget that they are exactly that. It’s a wrap -

my wrap sheet, a noose
the jury already executed me, with decisions,
because of decisions I made -
I will not die -
but what is alive, inside,
when nobody chooses to see me? 

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