Friday, September 19, 2014

Ivan Karp Emerging Economies Expands Opportunities

The Ivan Karp Emerging Economies Project (IKEEP)
2014-2015 Opportunities 

Last summer, IBSG sent 2 students to intern with the Social Entrepreneur Corps (SEC) to consult in Guatemala and Ecuador.

This year, we are expanding our offerings as we solidify a partnership with Emzingo! Emzingo recently won the AshokaU Cordes Innovation Award and is making significant social impacts around the world. 

It is our goal to send 3 students to do consulting for SEC and Emzingo during the academic year 2014-2015. You could be the next UNM representative to spend your summer working in Guatemala, Peru, South Africa, Ecuador, Nicaragua, or the Dominican Republic. 
To find out more details about how to apply, visit the application page.

*Note- To apply for Social Entrepreneur Corp or Emzingo, you must first fill out an application with IBSG. 

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