Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bosnia and Herzgovina

International Business Students Global
In cooperation with
Global Ties and the US State Dept. International Visitors Leadership Program

Economic Development in the U.S.: Creating the Right Conditions for Investment and Entrepreneurship
A Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 17, 2015
Anderson School of Management Conference Room 2082

Join us for a roundtable discussion with policy makers, academic leaders, and entrepreneurs from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  We will discuss several of the following issues:

  • Explore examples of successful economic development programs in the United States, especially through legislative or executive actions that fostered a positive climate for investment and entrepreneurship;
  • Observe how cities and states that have lost factories and manufacturing jobs re-develop their economies by focusing on other sectors;
  • Meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations that focus on community development to gain perspectives from experts outside government;
  • Examine ideas, programs, and initiatives designed to promote effective, efficient, and transparent financial management of government operations;
  • Learn ways to promote tolerance among people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds; and
  • Engage with political leaders in the U.S. about the need to balance party priorities with responsible governance.

In order to facilitate this discussion, we will begin by discussing some of the ways we serve our most underserved communities in relation to the aforementioned topics through IBSG and other Anderson projects.

List of participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Senior Adviser and Member of Parliament, National Assembly of the Republika Srpska

Head of Department, Department for Urban Planning, City of Bijeljina

Mr. Branislav STOJKIC
Chair, Cantonal Youth Organization, Croat Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo of IBSG faculty advisor, Dr. Manuel Montoya, UNM students, and participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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