Friday, February 6, 2015

IBSG IKEEP Endorsements

IKEEP Official Endorsements

IKEEP Official Endorsements

The Ivan Karp Emerging Economies Program would like to congratulate our official IKEEP awardees!

Miss Victoria Pryor and Miss Alison Turner will be spending their summer piloting the Emzingo Global Impact Undergraduate Program in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Alison is majoring in Economics and Anthropology and minoring in Spanish. Alison plans to go to graduate school for developmental economics to study how global trade and international relations affect community structure. She believes that a trip doing social entrepreneurship would could give her a new insight into business practices and small business models worldwide in order to gain a broader perspective on how these things work and how they may differ from country to country, region to region, and person to person.

Victoria is majoring in Economics and International Management with a focus on Latin America. Victoria’s long-term goal is to base her career on development work of some capacity in Latin America. She would like to pursue a PhD in Economics, and continue to travel and work in Latin America as much as possible in the next ten years, ideally basing her research on experiences with IKEEP as an undergraduate. She believes that through working with IKEEP, there are many opportunities for personal growth, and a chance to add to the bank of knowledge that IBSG has currently accumulated. Last summer Victoria worked with the Social entrepreneur Corp where she learned hard skills such as consulting for small native cooperatives and developing pricing and payment plans, but that one of the most important attitudes to take into any development work is that of humility and empathy.

Miss Audriana Stark will be piloting theEmzingo NexGen Graduate Fellowship Program in Peru! Audriana is a Ph. D student in Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences. She has her MBA in entrepreneurial Studies and Organizational Behavior with a minor in Earth and Planetary sciences. Audriana believes IKEEP is a platform for work she wishes to continue in the future as an academic and as a change agent in emerging economies. She views her work with IKEEP as an opportunity to open doors to perform cutting edge research about social entrepreneurship in emerging economies that can serve as a context for her dissertation. She wishes to pursue a career in economic development and education with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship. 

Miss Sara Beltran will be interning with our partners, the Social Entrepreneur Corps in the Dominican Republic! Sara is Majoring in Family Studies with a minor in psychology. Sara is planning to pursue a combined degree in Latin American studies and environmental law or a master’s degree in public administration. She plans to be able to positively influence the experience of Latin Americans in the U.S. by creating public programs that are targeted towards the support and development of these communities and to provide legal guidance to the protection of the environment. Sara believes that her knowledge of families as systems is very influential and will allow her to see how the sense of family can help make any type of social entrepreneurial venture in an emerging economy have a grander social impact.

We are excited to be sending these wonderful students to participate in these world-class opportunities with social innovation organizations around the world. Be on the lookout for more opportunities from IBSG IKEEP in the future!

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