Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tori Pryor - Emzingo 2015





One ten hour flight down, one to go. 

Hi from London everyone! My flight for Johannesburg, South Africa leaves in about 5 hours, and after a few hours of being lost in Heathrow Airport, I finally found food, wi-fi, and an outlet. I'm so excited to be one of two undergraduates from UNM who have been given the express pleasure of interning with Emzingo this summer. Alison and I will be meeting up shortly here in London to fly the last leg of our journey together, and meet the rest of our internship cohort in Johannesburg early Monday morning. 

It is almost 2pm here in London, and almost 7am in New Mexico. I only know this because I have deliberately decided to not change my watch for the summer. The minutes are still correct, so I should still arrive to events in a timely manner, but in an effort to keep my home on my wrist, I've left the time alone. 

That's been a huge lesson for me this year, that time really is relative, and really is powerful. With time we think, we do, we pause, and we live. Time can be rushed, slowed, forgotten, and enjoyed. Time is a tool, and time is a motor. A goal of mine this summer is mindfulness. I want to make time to think, make time to not forget, and make time to be. I rush around, so much. I think about the future, so much. This summer, I want to be present. 

Through Emzingo this summer, I'll be working with the Lonely Road Foundation, an awesome group of individuals operating drop-in centers in communities around South Africa in order to empower orphaned and vulnerable children in the region. I met our coordinator, Michelle, over Skype last week, and I'm stoked to work with her and the LRF team all summer (winter in South Africa), as well as my inter team, Mary and Matt.

Orientation starts Monday, and posts should come about once a week! 

Also, a HUGE thank you to International Business Students Global and Dr. Montoya for this incredible opportunity. 

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