Friday, September 16, 2016

Home of “Tarzan” and the “Charging Bull”

Home of “Tarzan” and the “Charging Bull”

Tarzan from the mighty jungle or the charging bull from Wall Street, can find a home in Seoul. That is the beauty of this city.  Seoul has a mystic charm that forces anybody to believe that they are home. At least I found home with the company of the World Folk Art Movement (WFAM) team.

At the Somerset Palace, the day always started with some delicious French toast and it was hard to resist temptation of going for the second round. The work meetings were as fun as a roller coaster ride. From setting goals and expectations to joking about the 16-bit animated version of the “Paradise Lost”, everything was embedded into one beautiful gathering. The trip has given the whole team immense energy to make the pop-up version happen. I still get lost in those dreams and conversations and they constantly challenge my imagination.

Our little hike to the Seoul tower was pleasant but the laughter that we shared sitting in the hill top is priceless.  It was a windy evening and I couldn’t but enjoy every sight of that beautiful sunset. I noticed an old married couple who had climbed hundreds of steps just to see their beautiful city’s sunset and play badminton. They could barely play as the wind was too hostile but that didn’t bother them for a single moment. All they cared about was the sense of togetherness and happiness. Maybe they were reflecting on their life or maybe on their love.

The team concluded that I have tremendous facial expression and suggested for a career in acting. I must say that those expressions were product of the beauty of my surroundings and the team I was with. Maybe I will take an acting class!

Seoul is the perfect paradigm of the idea that WFAM carries. The idea that preservation of art and culture is the only pathway to modernity. After this amazing trip to Seoul, I am sure that this project will change lives and will certainly contribute to make this world a better place.

We don’t get to see the world every day or may be we do! Through the eyes of our friends, family or soul mate. People say that when you leave a visiting place, you leave a portion of yourself behind. But coming back to Albuquerque, I brought back a portion of Seoul’s culture, heritage and affection. It may not have equaled out but who cares! During my visit to that wonderfully decorated city, all I bought were memories of a lifetime.

“It is nice to think that art can help provide a small respite from the ugliness of the world” – Stella Abrera

Photo by Josh Lane

Md Bellal Hossain
World Folk Art Movement

August 2016

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