Academic Year 2013-2014

Poetics 2013-2014:
The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market is internationally recognized for the crucial platform the non-profit organization provides for global, traditional cultural-entrepreneurship. The SFIFAM hosts more than 150 folk artists from around the world each year. The core mission of the SFIFAM is to preserve the native traditions of those involved in making and producing folk art, and to provide a crucial platform for the folk artists to sell their goods. A platform so essential, that it serves as the sole source of annual income for many of these artists. The income gained by the folk artists from the SFIFAM has proven instrumental in helping women in developing countries gain financial autonomy, and providing educational opportunities for the folk artist’s children and communities. Poetics has been given the amazing opportunity to consult with this impactful organization as they determine where and how to expand.

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market (SFIFAM) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that helps to preserve cultural traditions while engaging in cultural-entrepreneurship. For more information about SFIFAM’s wonderful work, please visit their website:

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