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Outside the Margins


We became curators, creating a story from artifacts found on the path of modernity. Outside the margins of conventional wisdom, you will find the poetic brushstrokes of art, poems, broad perspectives from those who have been displaced, and dedicated, dynamic thinkers with a vision into the future of our shared humanity and the implications of displacement as a global crisis.

This book is about displacement, what it means for all of us, and what it leads to. This book is a mosaic, kaleidoscopic, intended to be nonlinear and ultimately, an expression of the many ways we are mutually displaced in the world. We want you, the reader, to make connections that we did’t explicitly intend. This book is intended to contribute to the story and drive it forward. The book is built not to paternally help people we can’t presume to know, rather to accompany the displaced in a spirit of interconnectedness and shared humanity. So, this text is as much yours as it is ours, it belongs to us all.

The purpose of this book is to encourages you to see the value of art as a dynamic educational tool. It is an ensemble of interconnected questions that as humans we need to answer or at the least share in our thoughts. The book attempts to make you dive into your deepest self and search for those answers whether in your solitary state or in a crowd of people.

The Outside The Margins book project rose out of a growing sense of urgency surrounding the Syrian refugee crisis. First an art auction, the project has since transformed from an endeavor to raise awareness about displacement into one creating a broader understanding of the fundamental factors that cause it. The project emphasizes poetics and art as a new paradigm for refugee aid and accompanying programs.

Follow this link to download your copy of the Blue Book on the Global Refugee Crisis 

Meetings are held: Thursdays 5:00 – 6:00 in SUB Cherry and Silver
Contact: Josh